How to kill your wife quickly

Stop smoking for your wife.
In the meantime, my wife, who’s been secretly addicted to second-hand smoking, may die of withdrawal.

the second
Save your allowance and prepare a surprise for your wife’s birthday.
If you order sweet wine at a fancy restaurant and hand over a luxury bag, you might be surprised and die of a heart attack.

Spend the weekend with your wife on vacation with your family. In the meantime, give your wife time to rest, such as housekeeping, cleaning, baby-sitting, etc. Your wife might die because she’s anxious about the housekeeping she left to you.

Tell your wife you love her in the morning and evening. I thought my husband was a little weird, so I thought he was up to something.
If she can’t find it, she might die of frustration.


If you want to have a happy day, you should read

Let me show you how to enjoy the day that an acquaintance has spent…
If we do this, life will be fun, not a day.

Be confident.
Look at your strengths over your weaknesses and see your success and happiness rather than your criticism.

Only those who can convince themselves succeed.

Don’t compare with others.
There are people who are better than you, and there are people who are worse.

Make up your mind to be happy.
A person can be as happy as he or she has decided. One’s attitude is far more important than one’s surroundings.

Abandon your unhappiness with yourself or your futility with life.
That feeling comes from being overly self-centered.

socialize with a positive and optimistic personally.
The mood and behavior of those who are close are contagious to our mood and behavior.

Don’t feel too guilty.
It is arrogant to think that all other people’s mood swings are your responsibility.