Real diet stimulation picture (why I should lose weight)

We need to know how to write real diet stimulation phrases ourselves.

So far, the reality is that people who learn about various diet methods and always try to lose weight, but succeed are extremely rare.

There aren’t as many people who are successful as you think they are.

This time, I wrote a variety of diet stimulation phrases so that I could think about the purpose of the diet and why I’m on a diet, not how to diet.


Sex with your ex-boyfriend, can you? No?

“Are you sleeping?” I’m thinking about whether to do it or not with my ex-boyfriend, but it’s ambiguous to conclude by myself and embarrassing to ask others? I’m talking for you like that’s what I’m talking about.

“I’ve had enough of my lingering and sexual desire.”

He was the first man of my life.

No love, no sex. Because he got used to it, no matter what man he met for months after the breakup, he was not willing to move. I recalled him every day and one day, I plucked up my courage and dialed the number that I was still familiar with.


She said we should break up first, and then she cried. Why?

She said we should break up first, and then she cried. Why?

One evening, when she suddenly asked me to meet her, I went to the coffee shop in front of my house… and I hesitated for a long time before I brought it up.

“We’re breaking up.”

The atmosphere was not unusual for some reason, but I was embarrassed because I didn’t know I would get a break-up notification.

She starts crying before I say anything.


A woman who gets a break-up notification from a man every time, why?

There are women who have no problems with their appearance, but there are still differences in men.

Of course, there are some differences when you’re dating or having a fling, but if you keep getting dumped, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

But if you still don’t know what your problem is, read it.

A woman who is different to a man every time, why?

He often disparages himself.

“Am I too fat?” “Isn’t it that you hate me?” There are some people who want men to affirm themselves by denying it while disparaging themselves.


attitude in dealing with parting

He’s gone anyway. No matter how much you loved it, the galaxy-like memories across the universe cross your mind. He’s gone from your arms, I can’t help it.

Isn’t he the one who left after judging that he was happier to leave than to be together?

Even if love is like a furnace and like a volcano, it remains only in your heart.


10 Vegetables Good for Diet Short-Term Weight Loss

The right way to diet is to reduce the calories of food you eat and exercise at the same time.

However, if you suddenly eat less of the usual food, you can easily give up your diet due to lack of energy and increased hunger.

Vegetables that are good for dieting are foods that help minimize hunger and lose weight, which is a side effect of this diet.

bell cabbage
Collie Flower
Asparagus asparagus