When I had a fight with my parents/with my mom/with my dad

I guess some of you have fought a lot with your parents because you spend a lot of time at home these days:

But my parents always love us.

I know you’re going to swear, but please don’t…

The fact that parents are more hurtful than us.

First of all, if you had a fight with your parents, or if you had a cold war for a few days because your parents were in a bad mood,

To ask out/go on a date

I’m stuck in a movie theater or a restaurant, but I’m stuck with my parents.

We talk a lot, we talked a lot.

If you do, you come back between them?


Solutions to the Rapid Change of Emotions in Daily Life

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness with an excessive range of emotional ups and downs.

It is a bipolar disorder that often intersects emotion-driven mania and depression.

In general, bipolar disorder often starts from depression.

On the other hand, bipolar disorder is more motivated when you are in a good mood and doesn’t feel tired even if you don’t sleep.


The reason why there is nothing left even if you read a book and how to solve it

There are people who say, ‘There’s nothing left even if you read a book.’ Why is that?

Because there is a limit to a person’s memory, the process of recording and recalling is essential.

The reason why there is nothing left even if I read a book is because I don’t record it.

You must record what book you read.

Only then can the contents of the book be mine and be used as a background that can be used at any time.


The Three Most Common Reasons for Couples Fight

For lovers, conversation is essential to prevent fighting.

Most of the fighting comes from misunderstanding and the efforts of the two are the way to resolve it.

The Three Most Common Reasons for Couples Fight

There are many reasons why lovers fight.

1. Jealousy

2. Family problems

3. Problems in Personal Space


Seven effective ways to prevent cancer

It is caused by lifestyle, such as not exercising.

Most lung cancer is associated with smoking and most skin cancer is associated with sunburn.

1. Never smoke.

2. Keep the right weight………….