Can I develop from a friend to a lover?

There are so many men and women in the world who leave once friends as eternal friends.

Now, then, we’re going to try to find some men and women who call themselves friends.
Should we consider it a relatively safe relationship that is difficult to develop into a woman relationship?

Should I nail down that developing from friend to lover is a difficult job?
It should never be.

To tell you my story,
I never see a woman as a woman who was my childhood friend.
No matter how pretty and attractive that friend is in the eyes of another man, I don’t feel more than a same-sex woman I was too close to as a child.


A story I want to tell you when I go on a trip with my friend.

My friend asks me to go on a trip together.

We must be careful.

I answered here thoughtlessly, “Okay!”Liver, friends, time and money will all be lost.

Traveling is not for everyone.

Why don’t adults say, “Living with someone you love is very different” before you get married?

Travel is the same.

When you meet, eat, drink coffee, and say bye-bye, you should “even if you don’t like” all aspects of your friend you didn’t know about your friend.


Writing for You Thinking of Long-distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships are not easy.

In this article, I introduce you to tips on long-distance relationships.

It will help you have a more passionate, healthier and happier long-distance relationship.

Long-distance relationships are difficult.

However, if you are considerate enough and communicate with each other when you are in a long-distance relationship, you can create a healthy relationship.


Just one word that dramatically increases the success rate of confession.

How do you confess at the State University of New York in New Paltz?
They tried to see if the success rate was higher.

Out of two confessions to 70 women,
I asked which one you liked better.

First, sneak peek

Second, express your interest honestly.