When I had a fight with my parents/with my mom/with my dad

I guess some of you have fought a lot with your parents because you spend a lot of time at home these days:

But my parents always love us.

I know you’re going to swear, but please don’t…

The fact that parents are more hurtful than us.

First of all, if you had a fight with your parents, or if you had a cold war for a few days because your parents were in a bad mood,

To ask out/go on a date

I’m stuck in a movie theater or a restaurant, but I’m stuck with my parents.

We talk a lot, we talked a lot.

If you do, you come back between them?


12 ways to deal with anger

1. Stop everything for a moment and catch your breath

Sexual minority counseling specialist Katie Reicom introduces the use of four-step coping methods.

It’s the fourth step of taking a moment to stop my anger, think about why I’m angry, observe what’s going on, and decide what to do next.

2. Think first of all if it’s something to be angry about.


The Three Most Common Reasons for Couples Fight

For lovers, conversation is essential to prevent fighting.

Most of the fighting comes from misunderstanding and the efforts of the two are the way to resolve it.

The Three Most Common Reasons for Couples Fight

There are many reasons why lovers fight.

1. Jealousy

2. Family problems

3. Problems in Personal Space