Solutions to the Rapid Change of Emotions in Daily Life

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness with an excessive range of emotional ups and downs.

It is a bipolar disorder that often intersects emotion-driven mania and depression.

In general, bipolar disorder often starts from depression.

On the other hand, bipolar disorder is more motivated when you are in a good mood and doesn’t feel tired even if you don’t sleep.


Fraudulent Person Characteristic – Easily Attractive Actions

The moment they find out what a man is doing, the women think.

Come to think of it, I’ve got a lot of guesswork.

I’ve seen signs all over the place so far, and I’ve only noticed that…

It’s common to realize this late.

But the suspicion of cheating has a lot to do with it, not whether it’s physical or mental.

1. I don’t talk about the details of the day as before………