a simple way of decorating a house

The smaller the house, the bigger our troubles. It’s because it’s cozy and comfortable to look at, but in fact, we need to keep the things we need in this house to the fullest and efficiently decorate the interior according to our lifestyle and movements. Of course, if the size of the house is large, we wouldn’t have to worry about it, but we need creative ideas such as how to avoid the cluttered, warehouse-like feeling by pushing things in this small space, and how to decorate it in a pretty, sunny atmosphere like any other house. But before we come up with creative ideas and decorate our house with them, we need to check if the most classic ideas have already been applied to our house when we decorate the small house.

Therefore, I would like to introduce a way to decorate a small house with a pretty interior that captures the taste of our customers and an interior that has a good practicality for us who live in the house.

the utilization of a temporary
The best way to naturally divide the space in a studio or spacious bedroom is also to make it not stuffy. In a spacious bedroom, place a white-colored wood-material barrier with less visual volume and weight, and place a bed on a wide-sized wall, then put a closet or a desk across it. The space can then be divided into a cozy bedroom and a stylish dress room or a cozy bedroom and a study that enhances concentration. Of course, if the installation of the temporary wall is cumbersome and the storage problem is a problem, it is also a good idea to use the tall cabinet like a wall.

Small furniture is a must!
Regardless of whether the size of our house is large or small, one thing to remember when decorating the house is that the balance of the space is broken if you put too much volume or decoration. First of all, the furniture you need most should be laid out, but the smaller the size of the house, the smaller the size of the furniture is. Furniture that boasts an excessive sense of volume makes the space even smaller. Of course, it is also good to give a sense of weight or stability to the space with dark colors when choosing furniture, but it is recommended to decorate it colorfully by using such expansive colors as red, orange, yellow and light green, which give a visual wider illusion.

To divide space naturally by lighting
Earlier, we looked at how to efficiently utilize the two spaces as walls in a studio or spacious room that boasts an open view without dividing each space into walls, or in a living room and dining room or kitchen designed with an open plan. Then is there a way to divide space more naturally in a small house where even the space where the walls are laid is a waste? Just like the living room in the picture, we are in the same space by changing the shape or color of the light, but we can divide it into two spaces. In other words, the living room is in the form of rail lighting or landfill, and the space where the dining table is placed has a method of installing pendant lighting without having to install a wall or dividing it into furniture.

Leverage smartly designed furniture
Sometimes the most essential furniture is a burden in a house with a narrow sense of volume or weight. Examples include furniture such as dining tables, chairs, desks, etc. But if the house is small, you can choose smartly designed furniture to fit it and use it more widely. Rather than having a dining table that occupies a large area in a small kitchen, let’s have furniture that can be used as a dining table and kitchen table when it is pulled down or raised from the bottom and supported by a support while being the door to the kitchen cabinet. Or if it’s folded like furniture in the picture, it’s thin enough to fit between the closet and the wall or between the sofa and the wall, but if you unfold the folded side, there’s a way to keep folding furniture in our house that can be used as a chair or table.

Find a new storage space
The narrower the house, the prettier and tidy visually, and to do so, the proper storage space is needed. And there are many other ways to have this storage space besides using a closet or a storage closet. Like the living room in the picture, open rainbow shelves are placed in a corner space in order to use them like a single storage room, furniture designed as a storage room under a sofa or a bench in a dining room, or the floor where the bed is placed in the bedroom itself is used as a storage space.

Practical Decoration of Empty walls
Furniture is naturally placed on the floor. As a result, only the horizontal space is used, and the vertical space on the top is left unattended. And we can’t leave empty walls alone. We often hang up landscape paintings or lay out several small pictures. But if you’re looking for a more practical way to decorate it, let’s set up a rainbow shelf just like the house in the picture. There is also a way to install two or three short rainbow shelves up and down, and a long rainbow shelf near the ceiling along the wall to reduce the visual volume as much as possible. Of course, you can install an open-type Wooden Box on the wall in addition to the shelf, hang two or three hangers on the wall of the bathroom or living room, and open half of the magazine book on the hanger and stick the magazine in it.

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