Myeongnyang Rice Hot Dog

I’ve finally tried a hot Myeongrang Hot Dog.
It was right in front of the rice hot dog place that I’ve only heard about.
I came back as soon as I was caught.
There are many kinds of hot dogs and the price is only about a dollar, so it has an incredible cost-effectiveness and high quality Myeongnyang Hot Dog.

The small store is crawling with customers.
When I placed an order, I had to take a number ticket and wait.

The most popular ink mozzarella and mozzarella both have mozzarella cheese. Personally, I recommend mozzarella because of its large sausage.

It’s delicious just to eat it, but if you put sugar on it, it’ll taste double-double.
Myeongnyang Hot Dog is also well packed, but it’s a shame that you can’t eat it with sauce if you wrap it up.

It’s delicious when you eat it on the spot.

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