Five Methods of Cody by Male Body Type

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You can wear thin innerwear that can cover your abdomen, or cover it with a dark double-breasted jacket if you don’t have a lot of belly.

The Avon Dins
For padding, choose a slim padded jacket that does not add volume to your body as much as possible, not an oversized fit. A padded coat with thin padding is also a good choice for men’s winter styling that can cover their body shape.

Make sure that the sleeves and bottoms of the appropriate length are maintained so that the arms and legs do not look short. If you wear short-cut pants, let’s match the color of your socks and shoes to give them a sense of unity.

Dins Dins Jan13
In a fatty male stylist, tapered jeans, or vertical striped slacks also make your legs look longer.

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inverted triangle body cordy
An extremely broad shoulder and chest relative to the average body type, a body with a weak lower body that contrasts with it. It is necessary to balance the upper and lower levels with a body shape that can be seen by a person who does a lot of upper body exercises.

In fact, inverted triangle shapes may not require much male body style. It is because the body shape of Koreans is not that many inverted triangle shapes, and the body shape of the inverted triangle usually looks aesthetically superior.


Salon de Seoul Plyon Allene
Leglan pattern. Leglan pattern, which extends from the shoulder to the sleeves of the arms, gives the upper body a soft silhouette. Or a simple, detailed black single coat can also make the upper body slim.

Coats and blazers with over-the-shoulder pads emphasize the upper body, so choose a drop shoulder and a raglan shoulder, and avoid sticking bottoms where the upper body can look relatively large.


Beavit Jan13 Jan13
A typical V-neck T-shirt. The V-neck draws your eyes down, making your neck look longer and your chest and shoulders look slightly narrow.

The regular vertical stripe pattern also helps with optical illusion, which makes it look long up and down.


The bottom of the check pattern or the bottom of the light color distracts the attention of the wide and large upper body.

Wide pants and straight pants, which are moderately wide, can also create a balanced men’s winter style of upper and lower body.

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a short body style
A short male body type coordinator has not only the disadvantage of being short, but also the disadvantage of being short in body proportions. Therefore, we need to aim for an optical illusion that can make our arms and legs look slim and long while physically raising our height.

Dins Eglow Eglow Milogram
The dark colors should be consistently used to provide uniformity throughout the men’s winter code, with the use of vertical stripes, minimal detail, and the sleeve and underside of trousers to be adjusted.

Please check the article below for details on how to coordinate short men.

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