the correct posture and habits that strengthen the spine

One of the major causes of back disc disease is the habit of sitting in a bad position. It’s not good for the waist to sit with one’s head bent down and one’s back bent to look humble. Even if it looks arrogant, it is good to sit with your back straight about 10 degrees back and your neck straight as if you are looking at the sky at a height of 15 degrees. Putting the back or back on the backrest reduces the pressure inside the disc. In particular, an armchair with a backrest of 130 degrees reduces the pressure inside the disc by as much as 50 percent. It is good to put your hips deep in the chair, and to make sure that your waist is touching the pedestal.

It is recommended that the seat has an S-shaped curve with the backrest tilting about 8 to 10 degrees behind and the backrest light.Because physiologically, the waist is slightly convex forward, and the back is slightly protruding backwards. A straight-line pedestal or chair that does not maintain the correct curve of the waist hurts the waist.

Usually, the workplace does not give you a good chair, so it’s better to have the cushion in the concave area of the waist. If you don’t have such a cushion or a good waist support, you may support a bundle of books or newspapers around your waist. The waist cushion is effective when it is more than 4cm thick. It’s better to put your feet up when your back hurts.

You can see that your back feels comfortable when you put your feet on top of a thick phone book, briefcase, or desk drawer. A chair with a little cushion is better than a hard wooden chair. If the chair is too high and the feet do not close comfortably to the ground, the waist falls off the backrest and weighs a lot on the spine. Staying seated for more than an hour is the key to mental health and back health. So there may be a five-minute break for each hour of class at school. If your back hurts, you may look cocky, but it is better to place one leg in a flat position on the other knee or support a support under your feet. When you ride a plane, bus, or train, you can put your feet under your feet without putting your luggage on a shelf, or put a newspaper or book behind your waist to support your back, which will prevent back pain.

Even when reading a newspaper, the posture of bending your head forward and bending your waist to raise your elbow on your knees can cause chronic back pain. If you tilt your head forward, your posture gets worse up to your back and muscles get tense. If you look up a newspaper or magazine at eye level, your waist is naturally upright. When you read a book, don’t lie down. On the desk, the head stands upright when you use a book stand. You can also straighten your back. Like the screen on a computer monitor, a book can maintain a good waist posture if it is set up.

Driving posture is also important. Even when sitting in the driver’s seat, the backrest of the chair should be tilted back about 8 to 10 degrees and the concave part of the waist should be supported for the correct heel. If the car seat does not fit you, it supports towels, magazines, and air lumbar supports just above the waistband.

A chair is much better than sitting on the floor when playing baduk, go-stop, or card games. The chair life is better for the waist, but when you sit on the floor, you take a straight line position like a monk. It is recommended that you lean your back against the wall or use a cushion with a backrest to support your waist.

It’s better to carry a bag or luggage on your back. If you have to get your hands on it, divide things from side to side so that they are balanced. Then the waist won’t bend to one side.

Things should be lifted with their backs up. When lifting heavy objects, it is dangerous to lift your arms away from your body with your back bent forward. Even small pots or light briefcases should not be bent with your knees stretched. The habit of bending one leg forward and lifting one knee even if it is light paper is important in waist hygiene.

It usually increases the strength of the thighs and legs by repeatedly sitting and standing up. When lifting or picking up an object, bend your knees and use the strength of your legs rather than your waist.

Sleeping in the wrong posture causes chronic back pain. Hard beds such as floors, cement floors, bamboo beds, and stone floors cause back pain, unlike common sense. This is because it breaks down the original hoof, S shape. A hard bed is not good for a person with a backache, as it is rumored. Physiologically, the tangled bones (cerebral bones) and pelvis protrude and the lumbar spine recessed forward. The normal curve is the heel that goes in near the belt and protrudes slightly on the back. A hard yet cushioned bed mattress or air cushion mattress on a hard floor make a normal scoliosis.

If muscles and skin are pressed for more than two hours, blood circulation will not be around the back, buttocks and waist. The pain in the pressure ulcer causes irritation to the brain, so you keep tossing and turning. It has been proved that air mattresses are excellent to prevent pressure ulcers and back pain in the back and hip muscles. Sleeping on your stomach is bad for your back because your neck is turned. It’s better to sleep on your side. When sleeping sideways, make sure that the head, neck, and body are straight with a pillow that is appropriate in height. You’d better put a cushion between your legs. The height of the pillow should not be too high or too low. It’s good enough to hold your neck between 5 and 10 degrees. When you get out of bed, you can get up right away and sprout your back, so you can turn to the side and get up slowly.

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It’s better to stand with one foot out front naturally. It is also good to put one leg higher. High heels increase the curvature of the waist. Obesity increases the curvature of the waist. At times like this, I like a scene that is about 3cm high with a cushion. Increasing the curvature of the waist causes pain in the waist joint. It’s good to put one foot somewhere for a while. Use a footrest to take things out of high places. Standing on tiptoe and stretching out your arms far from the cupboard or wardrobe in the kitchen can cause back pain. When hanging the laundry on a high clothesline, the waist becomes reclined.

The joints in the waist are strained and the area of the spinal canal is narrowed, which can lead to back pain. If you keep everything at shoulder and eye level, your back will be safe. If you bend your back for a long time in brushing your teeth, washing your face, and washing your hair, even normal people without back disease will suffer from back pain. It is safe to straighten your back and wash your hair while taking a shower. It is recommended to stand and wash your hair with your neck erect. Washing your face or brushing your teeth while bending your back causes back pain, so you should bend your knees or put one foot forward.

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