[2020] Three STEPs to Buy Cost-effective Desktops!

As of 2020, desktop PCs have lost a lot of ground due to mobile devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones, but they are still more efficient when compared to laptops and tablet PCs when working or working in a static environment!

When you buy a desktop PC, it’s sometimes hard to determine if it’s a good computer for the price. In this posting, I’d like to help you with your purchase by informing you of three STEPs on how to purchase a cost-effective desktop.

When you buy a desktop, you have to decide whether to buy the finished product or an assembly PC. Finished products include the desktop PC body, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, etc., and are usually sold by large companies such as Samsung and LG. (Integrated products are also complete!)

Assembly PC is a product that only has a desktop PC body and does not include other products such as monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, etc. These assembly PCs may not have operating system Windows installed (FreeDOS), so if you have no computer knowledge when purchasing a desktop PC, you must check this out!

A product that includes the word Free DOS does not boot up unless you install the windows yourself. So be careful!

The product we want to deal with here is an assembly PC. Next, we have organized the items that should be considered in advance before purchasing an assembly PC.

1. Let’s think about the purpose!

2.Let’s check the details!

3.Let’s count the cost-effectiveness!

1. Let’s think about the purpose!
First, set the purpose of whether it is for gaming, simple internet browsing, or documenting! Simply setting a goal will have a huge impact on the overall price of the detailed parts, as much as possible.

For example, if it’s for gaming, we need to invest a lot in GPU (Graphics Card). (Note that GPU is also called VGA!) Graphics cards are available for models such as AMD Radeon RX 590, or NVIDIA GTX 1660, which are currently available at between 150,000 won and 250,000 won, and are available to play games smoothly as a mid-term option.

However, I want to play the game with the best option since the above products can’t operate smoothly due to the poor frame if all the options are set and executed at the best!We should consider higher-level models! Of course, the price is expensive.ᅲ

Of course, you can use the CPU’s built-in graphics, such as Intel’s UHD Graphics or AMD’s Vega, for purposes such as web surfing, YouTube viewing, and documenting, but you have to keep in mind that performance will be very low in 2020! No matter how good the internal graphics card is, It’s too early to play games.^^;

If it is not for games, graphics cards over 200,000 won can be wasted.

#PLUS TIP – Where can I fit the assembly PC?
If you have some (?) knowledge, you can purchase cost-effective products directly through DIY on sites that offer direct estimates such as Dana.

If you go to Danawa’s Computer/Naptop/Assembly PC–>PC Quote Menu right now, you’ll find a menu that allows you to choose your own specifications as shown below.

Danawa’s PC Quote Menu – You can quote your own specifications! (Source: Danawa)

If you select a product for each item above, the product will be on the right. If you fill it in step by step, you’ll see the entire estimate on the bottom right.

If you raise the estimate like this, there are posts saying that many companies will assemble it to what extent they will match the price. You can fit the assembly PC in the list where you think it’s okay!

Of course, if you do this without knowing the assembly PC, the parts may not be compatible, but the companies that quote the parts tell you that they are not compatible and recommend other compatible products.

Also, you can log in to Danawa and study without ordering, just give an estimate and save the estimate list, so it’s perfect for studying on the desktop!

In the meantime, you can learn various things such as what the socket of the CPU is, how far the DDR version of RAM is, and whether it is compatible with the main board.

Also, it’s a good idea to buy only the main body of the assembly PC because it’s annoying! Danawa, Enuri, Coupang, and other websites sell these products, so if you don’t want to quote them yourself, you can buy them directly from the above site.

2. Let’s check SPEC!
Below are the details you must check when purchasing! There’s a S.A.P., so you can check only what you need under the title and see only the red letters.~

1) CPU is core and clock!
The CPU is the ‘brain’ of the computer! Computers are most important because all parts work organically, but the CPU actually determines most of the speed.

It is largely divided into Intel’s products and AMD’s products. In conclusion, be sure to check the quad-core (four cores), hexa-core (six cores), and octa-core (eight cores) of the CPU before you have Intel or AMD products. The higher the number of cores, the better the performance.

Also, products with higher clocks are faster and more expensive. Clock is in GHz, marked for example 3.4 GHz.

*Caution* Sometimes desktop assembly PC products that cost less than 100,000 to 200,000 won are posted on the online shopping mall with plausible explanations, and these products are difficult to operate because they have CPUs that use very old processes. (If you see words like Wolfdale, Yorkfield, or Ivy League, you’d better skip them, no matter how cheap they are.) Of course, cheap prices are not all bad.

In fact, it would be better if you knew about the model name (coffeelake, martis, etc.) and the manufacturing process (14 nm, 7 nm, etc.)! I won’t explain the CPU model name in detail here because you’ll find a lot of information even if you search for full names on Google!

Also, the smaller the number, the better the manufacturing process. So it’s like 7nm product > 14 14nm product.

#PLUS TIP – How do you view CPU information?
If you would like to check the detailed specifications of IntelCPU, you can search for the model name at:

IntelCPU Specifications Confirmation

Normally, if you just type in to i5, you’ll get a lot of search results, so if you enter a full name like the i5-9500F, you’ll find the CPU you’d like to see the details right away!

i5-9400F inspection result screen (Source: Intel homepage)
For AMD CPUs, search the search bar at the top right of the AMD homepage for processor names! For example, if you type 3700x, you will see the results screen below.

2) 8GB or higher of RAM!
In conclusion, RAM is the most common choice: 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB.

In fact, I don’t want to recommend 4GB, but it’s okay for simple Internet browsing, documenting, and video viewing.

Just 4GB is not enough considering Windows itself and basic programs. I think most of you will agree with this part!

I’m currently using 16GB, and I’m using my spare memory, which is usually 6 to 7GB. At least 8GB is the best!

3) What kind of product is a graphic card?
Graphics cards are largely divided into products from NVIDIA and AMD. Based on the price, you can classify products priced between 150,000 won and 250,000 won as general use (Internet search, document work, video viewing, etc.) and products that cost up to millions of won are for gaming or professional use!

Among them, NVIDIA has GTX 1060 and AMD has a model name of RX 570 at around 150,000 won, which is suitable for use mainly for web surfing and YouTube viewing.

As I said before, if you’re going to use it only for business purposes, not for games, but for e-mail, documenting, or web surfing, there’s no problem with using the built-in graphics.

I’m TechChung, so I used RTX 2080 SUPER for gaming PCs.I’m sorry) If you’re not going to play high-end games, you don’t have to worry!

4) SSD is required for storage! Minimum capacity of 512GB!
There are two types of storage: SSD and HDD. I personally prefer to use SSDs only. To put it simply, the difference between the two methods is as follows.

*SSD → Small capacity and fast speed (price non-ssam)

*HDD → Large capacity and slow speed (price wrap)

Of course, it’s relative comparison. In conclusion, SSDs are better. And these days, we don’t have a lot of HDD-equipped products, but we have to check them out before we buy an assembly PC.

There is also a mix of two methods and they are often used. In this case, SSDs are the main storage device in which windows are installed, and HDDs are often used for large amounts of data.

As the 500GB SSD product is available at prices below 100,000 won (based on Danawa) as of 2020, we recommend that you use SSD if possible if you can afford it.

#PLUS TIP – What is SATA and what is NVME?
Samsung M.2 NVMe SSD
Sometimes the words SATA, NVMe, etc. are seen in the storage device descriptions, and sometimes not.

In conclusion, NVMe SSDs are the form of chips as shown in the picture above. The most recent technology is very fast.

And the 2.5″ SATA SSD is the same product as the one in the picture above, which is somewhat thick. I still use it a lot, but it’s relatively slow with the old technology.

But what I want to say here is that the product description confuses us with the term M.2 SATA and the term M.2 NVMe.

ex) 2.5′′′ SATA SSD / M.2 SATA SSD / M.2 SSD / M.2 NVMe SSD, etc.

The conclusion is as follows.

A thick SSD when you see the word 2.5′(inch)

If you see the word M.2, you’ll see SSD in the form of a thin chipset.

So what is the M.2 SATA SSD? Just remember the above. Because of the word M.2, it’s an SSD in the form of a chipset.

The more important thing to think about here is… So what if it just says “SATA SSD”? So there’s a possibility that it’s a 2.5″ SATA SSD and an M.2 SATA SSD, but there’s no reason not to write M.2 because it’s a more recent technology, right? It’s probably the old 2.5″ SATA SSD.

So what’s the speed?

M.2 NVMe SSD >> M.2 SATA SSD >> 2.5′ SATA SSD

You don’t have to remember the complexity. All you need to remember is this.

A thick SSD when you see the word 2.5′(inch)

If you see the word M.2, you’ll see SSD in the form of a thin chipset.

It’s simple, isn’t it? For those of you who find this difficult to explain, I’ll leave you with a link from Danawa that’s easier and easier to understand. (In fact, the link below is easier and more detailed. You can see the link right below.

Tips for purchasing Dana and M.2 SSD (Source: Danawa)

5) Main board is kebake!
It’s actually one of the most important products, but it’s not that important when you buy a finished product or assemble an assembly PC. As for assembly PCs, there is only a body, but in some ways it’s half finished, so you don’t really have to look at the main board items.

But the main board is the skeleton of the computer. Of course, the better the product, the more stable the computer works. The main board manufacturers are GIGABYTE and ASUS (Ass or Asus), but the price range is slightly higher, and they generally use products from manufacturers such as ASRock, EMTEC, MSI, and FOXCONN, and the price range is a little lower and the quality is better than the equivalent specifications.

Perhaps the assembly PCs that buy only the main body are likely to have one of these boards!

3.Let’s count the cost-effectiveness!
The last thing to look at is cost-effectiveness. Have you carefully looked at the items above and practiced quoting from Danawa? Depending on the purpose of the estimate, you’ll get a range of estimates.

If you go to the PC estimate menu with Dana I told you, you can make a combination of this and that, and if you make a book estimate, it’s good to study desktop PCs, so please try it!

In addition, assembly PCs typically do not include products such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and speakers, so these additional amounts should be considered.

What I’d like to talk about here is that cost-effectiveness is a matter of how well you can achieve efficiency at a minimum price!

Buying a computer for Internet browsing at a price of about 1 million won is a serious cost-effectiveness!

If you really want to buy a PC that only works on documents or on the Internet, you can buy a desktop PC for less than 400,000 won. Therefore, it would be best to purchase according to my purpose and budget, right?

Was it too complicated? In conclusion, the higher the price range of electronics, the better the performance is, of course. But high prices are not always good!

If the buyer knows and approaches first, the chances of buying good products will increase, right?

Also, if you’re curious about the 2020 recommended desktop PC for games, please refer to this posting.

For more useful information, visit our blog!

Also, if you would like to see the recommended products, please refer to the purchase guide on this site.

I hope this post will help you buy a desktop PC! Thank you for overcoming S.A.P. and reading the long story.

By TrendTaker 365

(This post is part of Coupang Partners’ activities and is receiving a certain amount of fees.)

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