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I never dreamed of success. I acted for my dream.
Don’t try to be unique. Let’s be good people.
Don’t be afraid to throw away the good to chase after the better.

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The three secrets of people who easily overcame the pain of parting.

a separation of one’s own
Who’s the perfect person for everything?
I don’t think we’ll ever see each other again.

“If I hadn’t said that,
You think about the past, you blame yourself,

Oh, my God, someone as hard as I am.
I don’t think anyone can understand me.

Do you have similar experiences?
Did you feel that my story was yours?

So today’s story is…
It must be especially important.
to overcome the sorrow of parting
We’re going to figure out the third step.

Step 1: The situation is as it is Accept

Step two: What other people are going through. Admit it’s common.

Step 3: To yourself Kindness

Six things that good lovers have in common.

What’s more important than starting a relationship is to maintain good feelings.

Different men and women?Good feelings? It’s not as easy as I thought to have a good relationship.

The relationship you met on a blind date becomes a true lover?That’s why it’s difficult.

1. If a problem occurs, resolve it immediately.

2. Let me be honest.

3. Express your feelings with actions.

4. I love you just the way you are.

5. I respect your privacy.

6. Two people solve their own problems.

Three things a man can’t understand.

here are still men around us who make a fool of men.

Some of those men don’t understand even if they see the same man.

Let’s take a look at some of the men’s common behaviors.

1. You should lie as much as you want. Don’t write too much fiction.

2. Borrowing money from a woman is the end of a man’s relationship.

3. Let’s not judge a woman by her appearance who is easy or difficult.

Ten good things to remember when you care about the eyes around you.

Everyone is conscious of the eyes of the people around him

I wonder what people think of themselves. It’s not a bad thing, it’s everyone’s heart that should be better in society. But if you go too far, you’ll have a hard time.

1. “People don’t think of me as much as I think they do.”

2. “Let’s leave it to him what he thinks.”

3. “Because I am the only one in the world.”

4. “No matter what people think, so what? That’s what I thought.


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